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twitter content

Just a note regarding my two twitter accounts (personal and work).

My personal account was clearly fairly full of followers who were:

  • No longer active on Twitter
  • Probably muting me as they weren’t interested in what I had to say on  that forum (but may well be friends/colleagues who otherwise got on with me and didn’t like to block me)
  • Clearly just there to get ideas from me with no intention of having any meaningful interaction
  • Any combination of the above

Thus I have:

  • Made my personal account private, leaving my work account public
  • Started a process of “soft-blocking” a large number of followers from my personal account that seem to fit one of more of the criteria above. FYI a soft-block on twitter simply removes that person from your follower list. If your account is public, they can (if they notice they are no longer following you) instantly re-follow you. If your account is private they must submit a new request to follow you and see your postings, thus giving you complete control over your follower list.

I haven’t done this to spite anyone – it is simply a way to move people who I believe would only consider engaging with me in a professional capacity, including collaboration or contracting me for work, to my work account – they can follow me there if they wish. Those that I am keeping as followers on my personal account can see my non-work related stuff, together with some work-related stuff that I think is important but which I feel uneasy about sharing “for free” with just anyone.

Anyone on my personal account who doesn’t like the tone/content should feel free to unfollow me there and follow my work account instead. I’ll continue to keep a close eye on the postings from followers of my personal account – particularly those from people I have not met in person or had an online working relationship with – to spot anyone I think should really be following my work account and I feel uncomfortable having access to my personal one. (You are more likely to fall into this category if you tweet or retweet nothing.)

I do find it ironic that I started this process shortly before “peak social media” seemed to become a media story – see this.

Anyway just as a reminder: tflynnhealth is my personal account and tfchoices is my work account.


reminder that I’ll be abroad


Just a reminder that from tomorrow (5th June) I shall be in Europe (mostly) for 3 months.

I shall be based with my parents in Nottingham assessing whether they really should be staying in their big family house, given the health issues of my mum….and I’ll also be having a holiday in Spain with friends, and seeing a whole load of other friends I rarely get to see properly.

I will not be working in any capacity for the remainder of June and any of July – only job application follow-up will be dealt with. I have a house-sitter here for any snail mail that goes to my Sydney home!

I return to light-load work at the start of August and I will be spending a week in the Netherlands working with some potential colleagues on some data analysis. Then I return to Sydney on 4th September.

I’ll keep at least half an eye on twitter and will continue to blog, but it may be a bit random. Ciao!