About me

Under reconstruction. Some bits in the meantime:

  • Supporter of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
  • Supporter of Land Value Taxation (LVT) – a form of taxation that has been quite attractive to left-wingers, but, interestingly, is the ONLY form of taxation that the bastions of Classical Economics (Smith & Ricardo etc) considered a “valid form of taxation”.
  • Supporter of the Labour Party (for now).
  • Have had a career in academia making it to the top. Would like to do something closer to the “coal-face” now.
  • Ready to help local Labour Party if they’re interested but I don’t really “get” how these modern political parties work so I doubt it’ll go anywhere and my membership will lapse in December 2020.
    • Mass emails from the leader often don’t get read by me.
    • Local candidates who know WHAT I have done, WHAT I COULD DO for them, and know I MADE MONEY ON THE 2017 General Election at the bookies by correctly predicting it (contrary to all the so-called psephologist experts) could benefit. Happy to help if they’re interested.