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Corporate goodbye

Just a quick note for those who haven’t been following my corporate account.

In short, I’m closing my company, effective immediately. The reasons are really too complicated to explain. *Some* reasons include:

  • Inability by some people to understand how to properly do comparisons across goods and services. A pig-headed insistence on using methods we know don’t work (*cough*Rotten Tomatoes*cough*) because “they’re short and easy”.
  • Lack of support from people who I trained but who, well, acted, shall we say “oddly”.
  • My increasing annoyance at working within a paradigm that is patently false – using a monetary “threshold” is wrong. Full stop. Go read Modern Monetary Theory. If you disagree, I can only conclude you either don’t understand the mathematical identity relationship (in which case I’m very concerned about how on earth you got to such a senior position) or you are deliberately misrepresenting the nature of real resources for political ends (in which case I am very concerned about your ethics).

Yeah I know this kind of views annoy some and “vindicate” some who think I don’t play politics. But there comes a point where you say “sod that for a game of soldiers”. Time to be honest. Because major national issues are being voted upon which rely on some honesty.


Life expectancy is falling due to governmental policy – some of this supported by “supposedly progressive forces”. Sorry, ain’t falling for that shite anymore. When I see my family, having worked its way up from nothing, having governmental policies of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats push them back down again, I get angry. Yeah I know the rates of cancer. But such clustering here? Hmmm. I read stories about issues that at least deserve the “need for proving safety” rather than presumption of safety and sue later philosophy.


In short, there are a lot of people who need to do a lot more reading.

oct conference and book

Not a lot to report I’m afraid.

I have booked everything for the IAHPR conference in OCtober (St Louis, USA) so anyone going, please say hello.

Not heard of any delays to the book publication, so I hope September is still the launch!

I wrote my first blog posting on my company site, TF Choices Ltd, the other day. It is a slightly whimsical piece about the perils of poor study design based on my experience with a rather popular game app for phones and tablet. I am not naming and shaming the game 😉

tfchoices ltd website live

My company website is live! My sister (once again) has done sterling work for me – we are going to change the “revolving cycle of pictures” to better convey the kinds of human decision-making problems I will be dealing with. However, it has the main elements in place.

It has its own dedicated blog, which will be much more focussed on client needs etc. I already have my first post in mind, which will go up in next few days.

Go check it out!


beards and whatnot

Random stuff today.

Various people liked it when I grew a beard in Sweden. Sorry people, it has gone for good.

Turns out, if you have extremely strong, wiry, (we are talking wire wool strength) hair in places like your beard, then ingrowing hairs are HORRIBLE. This week I am getting help from my former-beauty-therapist sister to puncture (probably pus-filled) lumps under the skin and try to root out four or so ingrown hairs. Never again am I attempting a beard.

TF Choices Ltd is registered, and I think I have my first contract (details confidential). Yay. Company bank account up and running, accountant sorted, etc.

Otherwise, lots of re-integration to British life to do (DVLA, you are a pain) , as well as family stuff….

Also, the English FA, what on earth were you thinking with that tweet? I’m no football fan but sheesh……this is the 21st Century and you seem to be in the 1950s.

bank account almost there

Had a two-hour meeting with a business manager at a bank this morning.

Despite my absence from the UK for 6 years nothing suspect/lacking was triggered in the credit check (phew). This particular bank do a lot of intensive work at the first meeting, but the result is that I should have my business bank account live on Thursday.

Most other banks would say “at least two weeks”. My Dad also banks with this particular bank for this company account and others have recommended it so I feel pretty confident this will work out.

I will get http://www.tfchoices.com up and running ASAP, with associated contact details. But my g-mail address (see contact tab) will suffice in the meantime and is monitored.

Things are going to move quickly now as my first contract has a deadline for being signed and sealed! @tfchoices is my twitter feed for the company – it will be a lot more formal than the existing one so follow if you think you might be interested in commissioning me or collaborating on joint bids.