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Why I hate rebooted Trek

This is the copy of a reply I made to someone on YouTube regarding upcoming Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. For the record I (with reservations) enjoyed the first season. But I recently discovered ‘The Expanse’ on Netflix and have been binge watching the first properly conceptualised, well-written sci-fi show which doesn’t assume an IQ of 80 since BSG (well, BSG until episode 5 of Season 3 – then it went downhill when it became clear Ron D Moore hadn’t thought through the full space opera’s conclusion).

Whilst recently discovering The Expanse and thinking it’s the best thing since (pre season 3) BSG, I think there are places for both “hard” sci-fi like The Expanse and “soft” sci-fi like Trek.

My issues are more to do with the pacing in newer Trek – work out the average length of a shot/scene compared to (for instance) ST2: The Wrath of Khan. STD has to some extent pandered to the people who have only a 7 second attention span, but I still think that on balance it’s good and deserves a second chance. The Kelvinverse movies on the other hand? After the this-is-not-really-a-khan-honestly abomination I am preserving my retinas and stomach contents – I didn’t watch the third and have no intention of watching any more reboot trash.

The Expanse shows how there still lots of us out here with a brain and an attention span. STD *could* cater to us…..but I fear in the end it’ll do a Kelvinverse on us.

jupiter ascending

Rare film review here….mainly because it was such a “WTF ” factor film.

Jupiter Ascending.

I wanted subtitling on parts of the ENGLISH dialogue, never mind the Russian.
And I was so patiently waiting for Sean Bean’s character to die…
I liked the premise but this went SOOOOO bad it has gone into camp-as-tits-good territory.

I mean, Flash Gordon territory.

In fact, you should use this film as a drinking game somehow….5 points for every line of Mila Kunis’s dialogue that is funnier when you close your eyes and imagine her as Meg Griffin….10 points for Channing Tatum using his jaw to emote…just something!