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twitter content

Just a note regarding my two twitter accounts (personal and work).

My personal account was clearly fairly full of followers who were:

  • No longer active on Twitter
  • Probably muting me as they weren’t interested in what I had to say on  that forum (but may well be friends/colleagues who otherwise got on with me and didn’t like to block me)
  • Clearly just there to get ideas from me with no intention of having any meaningful interaction
  • Any combination of the above

Thus I have:

  • Made my personal account private, leaving my work account public
  • Started a process of “soft-blocking” a large number of followers from my personal account that seem to fit one of more of the criteria above. FYI a soft-block on twitter simply removes that person from your follower list. If your account is public, they can (if they notice they are no longer following you) instantly re-follow you. If your account is private they must submit a new request to follow you and see your postings, thus giving you complete control over your follower list.

I haven’t done this to spite anyone – it is simply a way to move people who I believe would only consider engaging with me in a professional capacity, including collaboration or contracting me for work, to my work account – they can follow me there if they wish. Those that I am keeping as followers on my personal account can see my non-work related stuff, together with some work-related stuff that I think is important but which I feel uneasy about sharing “for free” with just anyone.

Anyone on my personal account who doesn’t like the tone/content should feel free to unfollow me there and follow my work account instead. I’ll continue to keep a close eye on the postings from followers of my personal account – particularly those from people I have not met in person or had an online working relationship with – to spot anyone I think should really be following my work account and I feel uncomfortable having access to my personal one. (You are more likely to fall into this category if you tweet or retweet nothing.)

I do find it ironic that I started this process shortly before “peak social media” seemed to become a media story – see this.

Anyway just as a reminder: tflynnhealth is my personal account and tfchoices is my work account.