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He-man isn’t manly enough? LOL

So let me get this straight (excuse the pun). A 1980s cartoon that I watched as a kid and even then spotted was absolutely chock-full of homoeroticism and gay references (which these days are un-pc but in the 1980s were “defining qualities”)  has been remade by Netflix.

A bunch of guys on YouTube have denounced it for making the male characters “weak” and unmanned in another way and promoted female characters who are clearly lesbian?

Sheesh. He-Man and Thundercats clearly had huge gay subtexts and a million memes illustrate this. They were joke cartoons made in an era when writers were subversive in getting whatever they could past the censors. The fact you never “got this” and take the bloody cartoons seriously like this shows either:

  1. You are really really dumb, or
  2. You are so closeted you are in Narnia.

Sheesh. You go on about “SJW bleating” but you don’t see the irony of your bleating? Some people need to get out more.