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lovely wishes

Sent “official” email to collaborators a couple of days ago with my new job details and was touched at so many lovely comments and wishes for the future.

I’ve got to get on to practicalities now – I already had to buy a new suitcase in Singapore on my journey back here to transport back the heavy boots and big coats I bought there…I’ve worn neither on a regular basis since I left the UK 5 years ago. I’m also liaising with various groups of collaborators regarding funding applications. I’m particularly interested in getting European initiatives going – though these are NOT limited just to Europe-based researchers, so don’t want to exclude existing collaborators based elsewhere. The Horizon 2020 initiative has been mentioned to me. So any existing collaborators or ones who would like to participate, please get in contact. I’m interested in getting going projects in any of:
(1) Risky decision-making
(2) End-of-life decision-making
(3) Ethical issues in medicine, particularly cross-country comparisons
(4) Quality of life, particularly anything using the Capabilities Approach of Amartya Sen
(5) Response time models
(6) Agent based models and systems dynamics with DCEs embedded.

So get your thinking caps on, folks!