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I am not dead

Someone was worried I have been so quiet (awww).

Don’t worry I’m not dead or anything. Just jumping through various hoops to extricate myself from Swedish bureaucracy and re-establish myself here in the UK. (Which can be surprisingly frustrating even for a British citizen.)

I am hoping some degree of normal service will be returned to next week. For your information, in the short-term at least I will be providing some advice on DCEs etc to the best of my ability and providing some part-time support to my father in the family business. He is 65 and is getting too old for a lot of the physical stuff, not to mention the additional admin he has had to shoulder with other family members being ill recently. So I will help out – and so also learn something about accounting. That should probably read “relearn” since I did a professional exam in it when I was an actuary but (1) That was in 1995 and (2) I hated actuarial work so probably didn’t pay much attention, much less retain any information.

A plug for the family business

Am off work ill today feeling like crap.

So here’s a plug for the family business (UK only), which started out making bog-standard window blinds (memories of my school holidays helping out) but now primarily makes very attractive Japanese panel blinds. Dad is on his latest media blitz….apparently getting attention from that Sarah Beeny wasn’t enough 😉