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reminder that I’ll be abroad


Just a reminder that from tomorrow (5th June) I shall be in Europe (mostly) for 3 months.

I shall be based with my parents in Nottingham assessing whether they really should be staying in their big family house, given the health issues of my mum….and I’ll also be having a holiday in Spain with friends, and seeing a whole load of other friends I rarely get to see properly.

I will not be working in any capacity for the remainder of June and any of July – only job application follow-up will be dealt with. I have a house-sitter here for any snail mail that goes to my Sydney home!

I return to light-load work at the start of August and I will be spending a week in the Netherlands working with some potential colleagues on some data analysis. Then I return to Sydney on 4th September.

I’ll keep at least half an eye on twitter and will continue to blog, but it may be a bit random. Ciao!