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beards and whatnot

Random stuff today.

Various people liked it when I grew a beard in Sweden. Sorry people, it has gone for good.

Turns out, if you have extremely strong, wiry, (we are talking wire wool strength) hair in places like your beard, then ingrowing hairs are HORRIBLE. This week I am getting help from my former-beauty-therapist sister to puncture (probably pus-filled) lumps under the skin and try to root out four or so ingrown hairs. Never again am I attempting a beard.

TF Choices Ltd is registered, and I think I have my first contract (details confidential). Yay. Company bank account up and running, accountant sorted, etc.

Otherwise, lots of re-integration to British life to do (DVLA, you are a pain) , as well as family stuff….

Also, the English FA, what on earth were you thinking with that tweet? I’m no football fan but sheesh……this is the 21st Century and you seem to be in the 1950s.