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Big bang theory fail

OK the Big Bang Theory is to finish. I enjoyed the first few seasons but like most/all sitcoms it became formulaic and I’m glad it is being put to bed.

Various hard-core internet nerds have given examples of where its claimed “devotion to detail” actually failed. I don’t generally get het up about these, but one enduring one irks me and I felt compelled to correct someone on YouTube – it concerns the iconic scene in Superman The Movie when Superman first reveals himself and saves Lois from the fall from the helicopter.

Unfortunately the BBT perpetuates the blatantly inaccurate meme that Lois would have died by hitting Superman’s arms at terminal velocity. Watch the bloody clip on YouTube! It is abundantly clear from watching the background lights of the Daily Planet building that Superman matched her rate of descent and caused her to decelerate….well above ground level…so as to gradually slow her and keep her alive. He then resumed upward flying to do the same with the helicopter.

Just another example of (predominantly) younger viewers perpetuating and sharing memes within 1 second without actually checking the original source material. Others have also debunked this silly meme.