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I am not dead

Someone was worried I have been so quiet (awww).

Don’t worry I’m not dead or anything. Just jumping through various hoops to extricate myself from Swedish bureaucracy and re-establish myself here in the UK. (Which can be surprisingly frustrating even for a British citizen.)

I am hoping some degree of normal service will be returned to next week. For your information, in the short-term at least I will be providing some advice on DCEs etc to the best of my ability and providing some part-time support to my father in the family business. He is 65 and is getting too old for a lot of the physical stuff, not to mention the additional admin he has had to shoulder with other family members being ill recently. So I will help out – and so also learn something about accounting. That should probably read “relearn” since I did a professional exam in it when I was an actuary but (1) That was in 1995 and (2) I hated actuarial work so probably didn’t pay much attention, much less retain any information.