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euroqol group funding

Sander Arons, Karin Oudshoorn and I have a EuroQoL funded project: how a *correctly* designed Case 2 best-worst scaling (BWS) study + a DCE can give us a tariff for EQ-5D-5L.

The study will be interesting as we work from first principles: what is the tariff for an INDIVIDUAL person. Then do all the things I’ve been harking on about for 5+ years to get a proper population tariff.

I don’t claim this will turn the world upside down. But I do think it will give some food for thought for whether the Secretariat wants to consider DCEs for the 5L tariff. I fully recognise that the EuroQoL group has all sorts of constraints to work under (linking with the -3L version, consistency of methods etc) which I totally understand. I’m pragmatic these days. But I think, if our testing results hold true in the main study, that we will raise some eyebrows in the results and give the EuroQoL Group the chance to get back in front in terms of methodology.

Interesting times ahead!