shaming useless medics via social media

My sister was yesterday diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis. In addition to the traditional symptoms of hyperthyroidism she has had intolerable pain in her thyroid amongst other things.

Things came to a head today. She went to the GP today who palmed her off on NEMS services (despite her letter warning of the severity of her diagnosis and that she had had to immediately start treatment – which was yesterday). She went to NEMS and had blood tests…..they came back and gave her basic blood count results, ignored the rest and more-or-less told her to bugger off. WTF?!

She was discharged, despite suspiciously high pulse (even by the standards of our family). Continued to feel awful at home.

So I tweeted the hospital (Nottm NHS Trust) and the NEMS used to palm off patients they deem less needing of treatment.

Ooooh, results within half an hour. Telephone number to real person for Elle to ring. Re-analysis of bloods tomorrow and will be contacted by endocrinologist to discuss the crucial thyroid enzyme ratios. And if her deteriorates tonight she is to ring 999 and tell them she is suffering a thyroid storm so she is rushed to A&E.

Social media. Shame shitty GPs and primary care providers who can’t or won’t spare the 20 seconds it takes to read a critical letter from a consultant alerting him or her to a condition that could be extremely serious. Yes I know the system is strained, but we shouldn’t have to resort to these methods.