NHS fail

I am in Nottingham, UK. Supposedly to get some support from family for my rapidly escalating health problems.

However, I have ended up being the carer and the “person kicking up an almighty stink” to get appropriate care for my sister. (I note that this has NOT, thankfully, caused my own health to worsen – being in a loving environment has been hugely helpful, even it means trying to explain to two 6-year olds why the f%ck I had no idea how the X-Box game Minecraft worked, and why “patience” – in order to get coins for my angry birds game – was a virtue and not a reason to go apeshit LOL).

Anyway, Elle has had a series of symptoms very similar to mine over the past year. However, she has also experienced a number of symptopms suggestive of hyperthyroidism recently which have not been taken seriously by her primary care doctor over a 6 week period.

Well the sh%t hit the fan a couple of nights ago when I decided enough was enough and she had been fobbed off enough, by a primary care physician, and a service contracted out (by the hospital?) to triage less severe cases.

I sent a rude tweet accusing Nottingham hospitals trust of risking a thyroid storm in a patient – which was no exaggeration, her symptoms were looking increasingly like that, yet no appropriate tests had been done, just the bare minimum blood count levels. There was, in short, no patient-centred care and certainly no attempt to look at the whole picture plus the trends in her thyroid and other levels.

So here is Elle’s story in her own words.

As she said, it is a sad state of affairs when someone who, although not a medic, knows the system, has to resort to social media to ensure the basic, the BASIC tests that would have identified a condition that can become life-threatening.

The Nottingham Hospitals came good in the end, showed support, ringing at a late hour to get things moving, but personally I think she has a shit primary care physician.