Why I hate rebooted Trek

This is the copy of a reply I made to someone on YouTube regarding upcoming Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. For the record I (with reservations) enjoyed the first season. But I recently discovered ‘The Expanse’ on Netflix and have been binge watching the first properly conceptualised, well-written sci-fi show which doesn’t assume an IQ of 80 since BSG (well, BSG until episode 5 of Season 3 – then it went downhill when it became clear Ron D Moore hadn’t thought through the full space opera’s conclusion).

Whilst recently discovering The Expanse and thinking it’s the best thing since (pre season 3) BSG, I think there are places for both “hard” sci-fi like The Expanse and “soft” sci-fi like Trek.

My issues are more to do with the pacing in newer Trek – work out the average length of a shot/scene compared to (for instance) ST2: The Wrath of Khan. STD has to some extent pandered to the people who have only a 7 second attention span, but I still think that on balance it’s good and deserves a second chance. The Kelvinverse movies on the other hand? After the this-is-not-really-a-khan-honestly abomination I am preserving my retinas and stomach contents – I didn’t watch the third and have no intention of watching any more reboot trash.

The Expanse shows how there still lots of us out here with a brain and an attention span. STD *could* cater to us…..but I fear in the end it’ll do a Kelvinverse on us.