friday funny 26 june 2015

So humans couldn’t really distinguish blue until 4,500 years ago?

Maybe if Avatar had been made 5,000 years ago it might have been more bearable and less smurfahontas.

Incidentally, another reason I disliked Avatar – James Horner (who composed the score). I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead (he died this week) but (as many will attest to), before his death, the most common google auto-complete to “James Horner” was a variation on “plagiarism”.

Star Trek 2 “The Wrath of Khan” was the best ST film ever, and partly because of his magnificent score. The trouble was I sat down to see Avatar and heard bits of it again…and indeed could anticipate coming moments of great impact simply because I knew the themes he used. BIG SPOILERS!

OK this isn’t exactly a funny…but the blue thing made me quizzical…