family health

This is an entry concerning family health issues. If you think USA health care is the bee’s knees I suggest you skip it.


My uncle moved around Europe and latterly North America a lot. He lived for the last few decades in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. He and his wife lived a pretty nice life. Meanwhile he was always thoroughly obnoxious to me if the subject of health care came up. Basically the fact I had a PhD in health economics, knew the relative statistics on all sorts of conditions across the UK/USA etc front/backwards meant nothing. He, via FOX news and his google searches “knew best”. I found his arguments specious, revolting and couldn’t believe that someone ostensibly quite clever, could have been taken in by that crap.


Whenever we had a problem with a family member here in Europe he would almost gleefully report that “that would have been dealt with in half the time here in the USA” (which was pretty sick in itself). His glee betrayed a lack of basic empathy and a weird, semi-narcissistic desire to show “he was right and the PhD guy is wrong”. Well, allegedly, from other family members, that’s not the worst he’s done. He was a child abuser – physically, not sexually.


Anyway I believe karma may have come into play. He has terminal cancer. Of course I feel sorry for him. Of course I don’t want him to die. However, he did a lot of awful things. He put his wife through a bunch of “new age” shite that might as well have been “healing crystals” when she was dying of cancer. He spent a fortune on it. All it did was give her a death that was probably less dignified and maybe earlier than would have been the case using proper medicine. One of his three sons also died of cancer recently. Interesting that the son wanted NOTHING to do with his father. The other two sons ignore him too. Only his daughter keeps up with him – and she is the one who allegedly we have most evidence to have been beaten as a kid. Weird parent-kid relationships ahoy!!!!!


My uncle will probably die soon. Do I care? No. Sorry. Someone who constantly put me down, my long career based on a Cambridge degree, PhD and work with world experts in medicine meant nothing. His google searches and FOX reports meant more. So he can go fuck himself. His closest sibling is, though obviously upset, not exactly sympathetic to such awful behaviour, which went explicitly against everything she fought for (knowledge and empathy).


He once stated that after death we could put him in a sack and bury him in a ditch. I hope that’s all we have to pay for. Misrepresenting facts of health care is shitty. I think he is a waste of space and doesn’t deserve money spent on him. If he had the cash let HIM spend it – that was his whole bloody philosophy, right? Why suck on our teat now? You refused money to others earlier in life? If you’ve no money – tough shit. Be a fucking man. Stand by your principles. We might then pay for a headstone. Otherwise, fuck off.