brilliant youtuber

I recently discovered a brilliant YouTuber who goes by the name The Critical Drinker. He’s a no-nonsense hilarious Scottish guy who (mainly) reviews genre films under a persona that’s best described as “the stereotypical drunken Scot”. (He is clearly articulate and obviously no alcoholic).

If you are familiar with RedLetterMedia (Mr Plinkett) on YouTube and like reviews that are not only incredibly incisive, but with a funny “theme/schtick” then check him out. I don’t agree with him 100% of the time but most of the time he has me in stitches laughing.

His review of Star Trek Into Darkness is, in my view, one of the best take-downs of everything wrong with modern genre films from Hollywood. It largely comes down to the critique that Hollywood people can’t write, plot, or do anything that requires originality and critical faculties.

The only issue on which I might perhaps diverge a little concerns the issue of non-straight-white-male representation. Now, in case you think I’m one of those people who thinks men are being uniformly and unfairly criticised, blah blah blah, then please read my earlier posts. I’m not. I thought Captain Marvel was OK, good in places and I dislike the polarisation occurring regarding the representation of minority groups in Hollywood. I am part of a minority group – if a visual or written representation of it sucks I’ll be the first to say and I’ve seen a worrying erosion of free speech in academia when I was a professor.

I just feel that “Brie-Larson-bashing” is going after the wrong target. Someday soon I’ll write more when I get more thoughts in order….but the more general points about story-telling and the economics of film-making resonate with me.

In the meantime I’m going to tune in to The Critical Drinker’s YT session in a bit to see what transpires.