bank account almost there

Had a two-hour meeting with a business manager at a bank this morning.

Despite my absence from the UK for 6 years nothing suspect/lacking was triggered in the credit check (phew). This particular bank do a lot of intensive work at the first meeting, but the result is that I should have my business bank account live on Thursday.

Most other banks would say “at least two weeks”. My Dad also banks with this particular bank for this company account and others have recommended it so I feel pretty confident this will work out.

I will get up and running ASAP, with associated contact details. But my g-mail address (see contact tab) will suffice in the meantime and is monitored.

Things are going to move quickly now as my first contract has a deadline for being signed and sealed! @tfchoices is my twitter feed for the company – it will be a lot more formal than the existing one so follow if you think you might be interested in commissioning me or collaborating on joint bids.