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  1. Charice

    Hi Professor Terry,

    Hope everything is going great!

    I am a junior Ph.D. student and really interested into the choice modeling design. I’ve read and heard about the different designs in terms of different ways of combining choices to optimize the results.

    May I ask where can I get the possible design of the choices sets? For instance, if there is an instruction indicating how should we arrange our choices to make it balanced?

    thank you for your time and understanding!

    with warm regards

    1. Terry Post author

      Unfortunately there aren’t many good courses out there – Professor John Rose (UniSA) always ran the best one(s) but I’m not sure if he is running them currently. Probably worth contacting him to ask – his details will be on the UniSA webpages.

      In terms of non-course guidance, his software (NGene) is one of the best for DCE design. If by “balance” you mean “utility balance” I’d suggest you read any design paper on the “magic p” – in short, the utilities of the choice options should most definitely not be balanced and the papers saying so are totally out of date. Unfortunately design is going through another upheaval at present – everybody thought efficient designs were the “solution” but Rose and others had warned of potential issues cognitively with these (which I showed were indeed real issues empirically in a health application – see my latest article in Pharmacoeconomics).

      So going on a course remains the best thing to do, but John would be better placed to know of courses that might be on offer.


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